With warm feet through the winter - tips from the TUBIE shirt ironing team

The disgusting, cold and wet November weather has caught up with us and the first snow has already covered our meadows. We would love to sit in front of the fireplace at home and drink a cup of tea. But it doesn't help, sometimes you just have to get out into the cold, especially if you have dogs like us ironing doll girls. There's no getting around the daily walk. But if you have the right clothes, and especially warm, waterproof footwear, that's not much of a problem.

The right socks

The most important thing for warm feet is the right socks. Many people think that particularly thick socks or several layers are the right solution against cold feet. However, this is not the case, because in principle this only puts pressure on the foot and restricts circulation in the feet. For dry, warm feet, choose breathable and moisture-repellent socks that are medium thick. Cotton socks are less recommended as they absorb and hold water. Rather opt for wool socks, as wool is one of the warmest materials and absorbs water but also wicks it away.

Matching shoes

Winter boots with non-slip tread soles are the right choice for wet and snowy conditions. Practical combat boots (sturdy ankle boots with a high shaft, sturdy soles and lacing) are currently in fashion. This is a fashionable way to get through the cold season. It is important that the soles have pronounced structures that keep the feet away from ice and cold and are non-slip. In wet conditions, solid rubber soles are certainly the best choice; if it is only wet outside, however, leather soles can also be worn without hesitation. If your shoes have become damp, line them with crumpled newspaper and leave them to rest overnight. Do not place leather shoes in front of the heater, as this can cause the leather to become brittle. If the upper material is not water-repellent, it should definitely be impregnated.


If you wear shoes with thin soles or leather soles in winter, you can ensure more foot comfort with insoles with aluminium coating or lambskin.

What else helps against cold feet?

If you still have cold feet despite warm socks and shoes, you can warm them up again with foot baths. If you add two to three teaspoons of honey to warm water, you will have fragrant and well-groomed feet. Footbaths with eucalyptus, rosemary or horse chestnut stimulate the circulation. After 15 minutes, dry your feet well and put on warm socks. Toe exercises stimulate the circulation and warm the feet. Wiggle your toes, walk on tiptoe or hop. Also make sure you drink enough fluids, because too little fluid in the body thickens the blood and it can no longer circulate properly. Spicy foods with spices such as ginger, pepper, chilli or cinnamon also warm you from the inside.

Enjoy your winter walk - your TUBIE shirt ironing team

Photo: Pixabay