Washing and care myths put to the test

When it comes to doing laundry, there are questions upon questions. Can pantyhose be put in the washing machine? Will laundry only be hygienically clean at 90 degrees? Do I need a stain remover? In the TUBIE shirt iron blog we clarify.

Do fine pantyhose need to be washed by hand?

No, this is a myth. Nylon and perlon stockings can be machine washed at 60 degrees without hesitation. However, they should be put in a laundry bag so that they are not torn by zippers or other sharp objects.

Can you use a shampoo to wash wool?

Yes, indeed. If you do not have a mild detergent in the house, you are welcome to use shampoo. Wool is quite similar to human hair and does not harm it. From full detergent you should better keep your hands off, because that could destroy the fibers.

Do I need a different detergent for each type of textile?

In principle, you need three different detergents. A heavy-duty detergent for white or light-colored laundry (contains bleach), a color detergent for colored clothes and a mild detergent, which you can also use for wool. By the way, washing powder washes better than liquid detergent and is also more environmentally friendly.

Do I need a stain remover?

If the stain is fought as quickly as possible, a special stain remover is actually not necessary. Therefore, we shirt and blouse ironers advise to act quickly, soak the stain with a little bile soap or dissolved washing powder and immediately put the affected garment in the washing machine.  

Does it have to be 90 degrees for hygienic cleanliness?

Nowadays, modern detergents create hygienic cleanliness even at 30 or 40 degrees. This also saves money, because heating the water actually requires the most energy.

I really need a descaler for the washing machine

No, all detergents contain substances that soften the water. A special descaler is therefore superfluous.

The machine starts to smell when I wash only at low temperatures

Yes, this can happen. Therefore, we at the TUBIE Ironing Doll team advise washing at 60 degrees for at least every tenth wash to prevent microorganisms from settling. In addition, you should also leave the door and detergent chamber open so that the remaining water can evaporate.

Photo: Pixabay