Frequently asked questions about the TUBIE ironing machine

Is the TUBIE ironing doll suitable for private households?

In fact, the majority of our customers are private households who simply do not feel like getting behind the ironing board to iron, or for whom ironing with an iron is too time-consuming. However, thanks to the high-quality industrial components, TUBIE is also designed for continuous operation and is therefore suitable for commercial applications.

Does the TUBIE shirt iron fit all sizes?

Yes, the inflatable shirt covers for our TUBIE ironing doll are available in all common sizes from XXS to 6XL. They have an individual width adjustment. However, for the best possible ironing result, the size of the inflatable shirt cover should be similar to the size of the garment to be ironed.
The following sizes are available: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL (1 size is included free of charge).
Please indicate your desired size when ordering (please refer to t-shirt size or our size chart ). If an inflatable shirt cover does not fit perfectly, we will gladly exchange it for another size.

Other manufacturers advertise a universal inflatable shirt cover that fits all sizes. This sounds like an advantage at first. In practice, however, this is exactly the decisive disadvantage. The TUBIE inflatable shirt cover also has an individual width adjustment and usually can be used for any size. However, a snug-fitting inflatable shirt cover allows for a much better ironing result than a one-size-fits-all inflatable shirt cover.

What do you need the mesh covers for?

With the TUBIE shirt ironing machine you can even iron all garments made of stretchy fabrics (e.g. t-shirts, polo shirts, pullovers, etc.). For this purpose, a mesh cover is put over the inflatable shirt cover. This prevents the inflatable shirt cover from stretching too much and the garment from stretching out. (For non-expandable garments such as shirts or blouses, no mesh cover is needed). Mesh covers are also available in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and 6XL. See also size chart. (Mesh covers not included - please order separately).

How long does it take to put a shirt onto the machine?

Skilled users will have a shirt placed onto the ironing machine in less than a minute. Close the top collar button of your shirt and put it over the collar cone. Now pull the sleeves of the inflatable shirt cover through the shirt sleeves, fix the clips and start the timer of the TUBIE ironing dummy.

How long does the ironing process take on our ironing machine?

It is best to put the clothes on the ironing machine directly after washing while they are still damp. Depending on the material and residual moisture, a shirt will then take approx. 4 - 6 minutes, a T-shirt approx. 2 - 4 minutes, a jacket approx. 10 - 12 minutes, trousers approx. 8 - 15minutes.

Do the collar, cuffs or button placket need to be re-ironed manually?

No, usually not. The collar rests on the specially shaped cone and is ironed along with it. The cuffs can be closed either with the button or the supplied clamps, then lie tightly against the inflatable shirt cover and are ironed. The button placket also lies tightly against the inflatable shirt cover and is ironed as well.

Can I also iron trousers, dresses etc. on the TUBIE shirt ironing machine?

Yes, the original TUBIE shirt ironing machine comes with a shirt fixture and a trouser fixture. Depending on your needs, these fixtures can simply be exchanged. For long gowns or dresses there is a special gown cover.

Is the TUBIE shirt ironing machine noisy?

No, the sound of the TUBIE ironing machine is much quieter than a hair dryer.

How gentle is the TUBIE ironing machine on clothes?

The TUBIE ironing machine is very gentle cause it dries and irons the clothes with warm air at approx. 50 degrees Celsius. An iron, on the other hand, gets about 165 to 220 degrees hot and damages many textiles. With the TUBIE shirt iron, even garments made of silk are ironed gently and carefully and embroideries do not shine unsightly afterwards, as is usually the case with an iron.

Can the ironing dummy also iron dry clothes?

Yes, simply moisten the shirt or other garments with water using a spray bottle. This way, e.g. jackets etc. can also be ironed on.