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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, uses the TUBIE ironing machine.

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Hello Mr Kraus,
I recently had an unexpected visitor and since your ironing dummy was in my living room, we got to talking about it. I had just washed shirts that were still damp and so I demonstrated your appliance at the same time. Everyone was very impressed! I immediately passed on your contact details. I remembered the mail below for your homepage. It only really makes sense if you put my name on your homepage, otherwise it is not credible to the reader of your website. You are welcome to put my name on your homepage. One should also promote the sale of practical, functional and high-quality products. Large companies that already have a name as manufacturers of household appliances, such as Miele, Siemens, Electrolux, etc., have sufficient opportunities to market their products due to their size.
I wish you and your team a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014 !
Yours sincerely from Ulm on the Danube
Georg Haizmann

Dear Mr Kraus,
as I have already told you by phone, I am delighted withthe ironing doll I received 10 days ago.
The ironer is indeed as easy to use as you can see on the video. Switching from shirt ironing to trouser smoothing is quick and easy. The ironing result is amazingly good. When the set ironing time is up, the garment is left hanging like on a hanger without creasing again, waiting for further processing. I was initially concerned about the electrical fuse in Switzerland. This concern was unfounded. Only the plug had to be changed to Swiss standard and so the appliance works without any problems. The TUBIE ironing doll takes up little space, because all the parts supplied (rods and fabrics) can be stored in a drawer. Let me tell you: "Now ironing clothes is no longer work. It's child's play" ! And another thing about the price: the ease of ironing and the ingenious technology justify it.
With kind regards
Agnes H.

Hello Mr Kraus,
I would like to thank you once again for the quick delivery of the TUBIE ironing doll, which was incredibly fast, the device was delivered on Friday 30.08.13. There were no problems during assembly either. There were no problems with the assembly either! The lady on your DVD really explains everything to perfection. A very authentic explanation of the product! In the meantime we have ironed about 50 shirts and are really very satisfied with the result!!! So far it has really been a super purchase! I had told you at the time that Miele also offers a machine, but here it is only a better steam ironing station. As far as ironing shirts is concerned, it is no match for your Tubie, which almost irons itself. My father's partner also really praised your appliance. My brother will visit me soon and I will show him the TUBIE in action. Maybe he will also be interested in this device. I wish you continued success in selling this great "household robot".

Yours sincerely from Ulm on the beautiful Danube
George H.  

Dear Mr Bernhard Kraus,
I would like to thank you very much. I ordered fuses from you by phone. They were promptly in my letterbox the next day. I was very happy that I could now iron my shirts again and for the great service you provided. I would like to commend you for that, because it has to be said. Your shirt ironing machine is just great and I am very happy with it. I will recommend you to others and spread the word about you.
Gaby H.

Our ironing doll is talked about all over the world