Warm shirts for cold winter days

It's bitterly cold outside, but you still want to be chic and especially don't want to do without a shirt at work. Luckily, however, there are various warm shirt options that also look good. Read more about this in the latest TUBIE shirt ironing blog.

Corduroy shirts

If it can be a little more casual, corduroy is a good choice, because corduroy is very robust and belongs to the group of velvet fabrics. Corduroy fabric is 80-90% cotton, the rest is spandex or polyester. The only disadvantage of corduroy shirts is ironing. If you use a normal iron and apply heat to the fabric, the longitudinal stripes are "flattened" and begin to shine unattractively. You can iron corduroy more gently with the TUBIE ironing dummy. This is a sure way to avoid so-called shiny spots.

Flannel shirts

Flannel shirts in the office are also a warming alternative to the normal shirt, but only if the dress code allows it. Flannel is usually made from cotton or wool and the material is very light and retains heat. You often see flannel shirts in a casual check look or lumberjack style. By the way, the word flannel comes from the Celtic term gwlan, which means wool.

Twill shirts

If you want something a little more formal, shirts made of twill cotton fabric are a good choice. Fabrics made from a cotton twill blend are firm, grippy and very stable and are also used to make denim jeans. We shirt and blouse ironers like to wear such shirt fabrics sometimes in winter. However, this fabric also tends to have an unsightly sheen after being ironed too hot, so our TUBIE ironing machine is also recommended here.

Oxford shirts

Oxford shirts are also a little more business-like and are well suited for the colder seasons. They are classic shirts made of strong and rustic cotton fabrics woven by a basket weave technique in which both weft threads are crossed with two warp threads. Traditionally, two different coloured threads are used, one of which is white. This creates an easily recognisable texture.

If you are still cold despite the warmer "winter shirts", simply put a cotton vest underneath, or a cotton slipover over it.

Stay warm - your TUBIE shirt ironing team!