Slipovers - once dusty but back in fashion again

In the last blog post, we wrote about warm shirts for cold days. For those who are still cold despite the warmer shirt fabric, slipovers could be an option. The jumpers without sleeves have perhaps fallen into oblivion a bit and used to be considered stuffy, but are now very much back in fashion. In the 70s, pullovers were quite popular, especially among German politicians, which is probably why they came to symbolise conservative bourgeoisie at some point. In the 80s/90s, they enjoyed a fashion comeback and were combined with retro sneakers and flared trousers, for example, as a belly-free version. Today they come in all varieties and we shirt and blouse ironers love them.

Slipovers for men

Slipovers are ideal for men who can't decide between a knitted waistcoat and a pullover and are also ideal for an onion look in dirty weather. Whether for leisure or the office, sporty cut slipovers can be perfectly combined with a button-down collar shirt or a flannel shirt. For the business look, monochrome, fine-mesh models are best.

Slipovers for ladies

Especially in women's fashion, jumpers have long since shed their dusty image and are very much in vogue. There are no limits to the imagination here. Whether as a substitute for a jumper with a V-neck, a turtleneck, an oversized version, short or long, thick wool or gossamer cashmere, or worn over a blouse. Especially trendy at the moment are wide sweaters in cable-knit look with a V-neck. On the outside, the slipover is worn like a knitted top, namely on the bare skin. Add a pair of wide, high-cut jeans and sneakers and the look is complete.

The classic way to combine a tank top with a blouse is to follow a few style rules to make the outfit look casual. The magic word is style break. Put an XXL shirt under a short slipover, roll up the sleeves and open the top collar buttons. Add leather leggings and the "undone" style is ready.

Have fun trying it out - your TUBIE iron-on doll team.

Photo: Pixabay