How to wash your down jacket or down coat yourself without the feathers clumping together

How to clean your down jacket properly - tips from the TUBIE Ironing Doll Team

It is already bitterly cold outside and the warm down jacket can slowly be used again. However, many of us have forgotten to wash the warming garment at the end of a long winter season. But before you decide to deep-clean your coat or down jacket, think carefully about whether this is really necessary, or whether it is not simply enough to air the good piece briefly on the TUBIE ironing dummy or outside in the fresh air. We shirt and blouse ironers know that the winter jacket often doesn't get back into shape properly if washed too often because the down shifts. If you just want to air out your down coat, make sure you do it inside out, because that way unpleasant odours like smoke, sweat or cupboard smells can easily escape. If the winter jacket only has very light stains, you can simply wipe them off with a slightly damp cloth with a little washing-up liquid. However, you should make sure that the cloth is not too wet, otherwise the down could possibly clump together.

If the jacket cat wash is not enough for you, then you can either give the good garment to a professional dry cleaner or do it yourself. We from the TUBIE Ironing Doll and Ironing Machine Team will tell you how you can clean your jacket yourself and what you should bear in mind.

Before washing, make sure that all seams are intact, otherwise down could fall out of the filling during washing. If they are not intact, you should put on a needle and thread before washing. Also empty the pockets and close zips and Velcro fastenings. When washing, it is important that the jacket or coat has enough 'room' and plenty of freedom of movement in the washing machine. If your machine has less capacity than 6 kg, it is better to leave it alone, otherwise the down could clump together and the jacket will get completely out of shape. We at the Shirt Ironing Machine Team advise using the delicate wash programme at low temperature, because here the water level is high and the drum moves relatively little. Either add special down detergent, which also impregnates, to the machine or choose a gentle mild detergent.

Ideal drying of down jackets with the TUBIE ironing dummy

Drying down jackets and coats is more difficult than washing them because they should not be spun or only spun with very few revolutions. If you hang up the winter jacket dripping wet, the drying process often takes several days and the jacket starts to smell like wet dog. In addition, the garment must then be shaken out regularly to prevent the down from sticking together.

The drying process of down garments has proven to be ideal on our TUBIE ironing machine and also only takes about 20 minutes. The hot air of the ironing dummy blows the jacket optimally dry and the down is also loosened up. If you put your winter jacket in the dryer, be sure to add tennis balls, as these loosen up the down and ensure that it does not clump together.

Stay warm - your TUBIE ironer team.

Photo: Pixabay