How often should you wash clothes?

No question, freshly washed clothes smell wonderfully fresh and you immediately feel safe in them. We shirt and blouse ironers also love the feeling of fresh laundry on our skin. But actually, washing too often is not good for clothes and a wash cycle is not always necessary after a single wear - especially not if the clothes have no stains and do not smell of sweat. Read the latest TUBIE Ironing Doll Blog to find out which clothes you should wash and how often.

Wash jeans

Almost everyone has them in their wardrobe, the good old jeans. They are also frequently spotted in our ironing team. But how often should we wash the robust trousers? According to Levi's boss Chip Berg, not really at all, because in his opinion the wash cycle only causes them to lose colour and fit. Instead, he says, it's enough to hang jeans out in the fresh air overnight or put them in the freezer overnight. Afterwards, unpleasant odours are said to be blown away. However, we shirt and blouse ironers recommend washingjeans every few weeks.

Wash jumpers or waistcoats

Tops such as jumpers or waistcoats are usually worn over T-shirts or other garments and therefore usually do not get dirty or perspiration stays away. Here it is sufficient to wash the clothes every three to five times, whereby it also depends on the material. You sweat more in synthetic fabrics than in cotton or wool, so synthetic fibre tops should also be washed more often.

Washing T-shirts or tops

Since T-shirts or tops are usually worn directly against the skin, they should be washed after each wear, especially if you have been sweating.

Underwear and pyjamas

Of course, panties have to go in the washing machine after every wear. Bras, on the other hand, can easily be worn up to four times, depending on how much you sweat. With pyjamas, it depends. If you put them on fresh after showering and don't sweat at night, it is often enough to wash them only once a week. Otherwise, they should be washed after about three nights.

Jackets and coats

Depending on how dirty they are, it is sufficient to wash jackets and coats twice a season. Blazers or thin jackets should be put in the laundry basket after 6 wears at the latest.

Fine materials

Dresses made from fine materials such as silk are best professionally cleanedafter each wear.

As a general rule, less is more. If a garment is obviously dirty or smells unpleasant, it should of course be washed. But every wash is a strain on the clothes because fibres can break off or lose strength. If, for example, you have washed a T-shirt about 50 times, you will notice that the inner structure is lost. So if there are no obvious stains, you can simply hang the garment out on the balcony to air it in between. Also, good dryers often have a refresh programme for clothes. Alternatively, you can also let your tops or trousers blow through briefly on the TUBIE ironing dummy.

Stay fresh - Your TUBIE Ironing Doll Team

Photo: pixabay