What do washing symbols mean? - Tips from the TUBIE Ironing Doll Team

We have all seen the little pictures on the care labels in clothing. These pictograms are regulated uniformly throughout Europe and are protected by the GINETEX organization. But what do they mean? Read more about it in the TUBIE Shirt Ironer Blog.

Often, the pictograms are even displayed on washing machines. So if you have no idea what they mean, just compare the symbol on the clothes with the one on the washing machine and select the program . If you don't have symbols on the washing machine or have cut out the care labels, you can generally always wash at low temperatures. You can't really go wrong at 40 degrees. However, if the clothes are light-colored, you may have to wash them more often than dark ones to ensure that stains are removed properly. For stubborn stains, we recommend shirt ironers and blouse ironers use a stain remover for pre-treatment. Sensitive fabrics such as wool can simply be aired out in the meantime instead of washing. With silk underwear, of course, the matter looks different, this may of course be washed after each wear in the gentle cycle.

Here are the most important care symbols


The general symbol for washing is a bowl of water. It describes whether the garment may be put in the washing machine and at what temperature. The number of the maximum washing temperature in degrees Celsius is in the middle of the washing bowl. If there is a bar under the water bowl, the garment should be washed on the gentle cycle . It is therefore best to select the delicate wash or care program. If there are two bars under the water bowl, you should choose a special program. Some washing machines have a special program for silk or wool, if not, just choose the hand wash program.

Hand wash

If a water bowl with a hand is shown on the label, the laundry item should only be washed by hand or using the hand wash program .

Do not wash

If the washing symbol is crossed out, it must not be washed in the machine itself, but belongs to the professional textile cleaning.


The second care symbol on the label, namely a triangle, indicates whether the garment may be bleached. Bleaching agents are contained in almost all washing powders and ensure that the clothes are nice and clean and stain-free. If it is a normal triangle, bleaching is allowed, if it is crossed out, bleaching is not allowed. In this case, be sure to use a color detergent.


The third symbol on the care label, a square reveals how the garment should be dried after washing. A square with a circle in the middle means dryer. If this symbol is crossed out, the garment may not be put in the dryer (but it may be dried on the TUBIE ironing dummy at any time, because it does not get so hot). If there are two dots in the middle circle, it may be dried normally in the dryer, if there is only one dot, it should be a gentle drying.


The iron symbol is very easy to recognize. If it is crossed out, ironing is not allowed, if there is a dot in the middle, hot ironing is not allowed. If there are two dots in the middle, you may iron moderately hot, if there are three dots, you may iron hot. The more dots, the hotter the ironing. If you iron with the TUBIE ironing machine, you may again ignore the care instructions.

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