Warm underwear for cold days - how to stay warm

In the last TUBIE Ironing Doll blog we already described how to keep your feet warm despite icy temperatures in winter. Today, we will focus on underwear. It is important that underwear not only keeps you warm, but also wicks away moisture through perspiration.

Many people like to wear cotton as the bottom layer of the onion look, because it keeps the body warm. However, it also absorbs sweat and takes a long time to dry. So once you're soaked in sweat, your body stays damp and an unpleasant odour can develop.

Better is functional underwear made of merino wool, because such garments are odourless, even when you sweat. Even when damp or wet, merino underwear still keeps you warm and dries again very quickly. Merino wool also draws perspiration away from the body and transfers it to other layers of clothing. Unlike normal wool, it is very fine and does not scratch the skin. For this reason, it is suitable for wearing directly against the skin. We shirt and blouse ironers love functional underwear made of merino wool.

Thermal underwear made of synthetic materials is also ideal for braving the cold. Synthetic fibre underwear dries very quickly, absorbs moisture well and immediately wicks it away from the skin to the outside. They are also breathable and usually fluffy and warm. It is important for synthetic fibre underwear to have germicidal silver ions woven into it, which then keep away perspiration odours, for example.

If, like us from the TUBIE ironing machine team, you prefer natural materials and like it cosy and soft, you can also fall back on angora underwear in addition to merino underwear. Angora wool is kind to the skin, protects against the cold and is soft and air-permeable at the same time. The hollow space in the fibre material makes it easier to absorb moisture. Angora underwear should be washed after two to three wears, preferably by hand or, if necessary, using the delicate wash programme.

There is no bad weather - only bad clothes - Your TUBIE Ironing Doll Team

Photo: Pixabay