How to make your own laundry starch - tips from the TUBIE Ironing Machine Team

In thepast, cotton and linen clothes were usually starched to strengthen them after washing and to bring them into shape . Today, this process is no longer as common because the quality of the clothing has improved and more synthetic fibres are used to keep the clothing in shape. Cotton shirts are sometimes ironed with so-called cold starch from the drugstore. This is simply sprayed on after washing and ironed in. Especially if you value perfectly ironed shirt collars, you can spray them before stretching the shirt on the TUBIE shirt iron. But nowadays, starch is mainly used for bed and table linen, napkins, aprons and chef's hats. Clothes treated with starch are also said to remain dirt-free for longer.

In addition to so-called spray starch, which is simply sprayed onto the garment, liquid starch or pure starch, which is put into the washing machine, is also available. However, these commercial starch products often contain fragrances, preservatives or other additives such as lubricants in addition to starch. However, we at the Shirt Ironing Doll Team avoid chemical products wherever possible and prefer the natural variety, which is not only kind to the environment but also to your wallet. Simply mix your own laundry starch. To do this, you need rice starch, which is normally used for baking or thickening sauces, and distilled water. Simply put one tablespoon of the rice starch into a pot with one litre of distilled water and heat the mixture (do not boil) while stirring constantly. After the "soup" has cooled down again, pour it into a sieve and then into a pump or spray bottle. The homemade spray starch is ready. Alternatively, you can also use potato starch or cornflour. Cornflour is usually used for baking cakes and a small sachet costs only a few cents. It's up to the woman - or the man.

Have fun with starching - your TUBIE ironing machine team.

Source: Pixabay