How to iron the perfect crease - tips from the TUBIE shirt ironing team

Suit wearers know that it's hard to avoid a crease in your suit trousers.

But this should not worry us ironing lazy people at all. If you know what to look for when buying suit trousers, you can save yourself the hassle of ironing by hand and rely on our TUBIE shirt and blouse iron.

Many such trousers are made of special synthetic fibre blends that ensure that the crease imprinted during manufacture does not disappear even if you dry and iron the suit trousers with our ironing dummy.

However, it is more difficult with other fabrics such as tweed, because with trousers made of this material the crease usually disappears during washing and has to be ironed by hand.

Our TUBIE ironing machine can do a lot, but unfortunately we still have to work on a crease function. Ironing is easiest if the trousers have been washed with a mild detergent or fabric softener beforehand and you use a steam iron.

Close the trouser buttons, hooks or eyelets and also close the zip. Set the steam iron to the recommended temperature (see the sewn-in trouser label) and wait until the temperature is reached. Under no circumstances should you iron too hot, otherwise you may ruin your trousers (by the way, this cannot happen with our TUBIE shirt and blouse iron, which is extremely gentle on the laundry).

Now place the side seams of both trouser legs exactly on top of each other. This is important so that the crease is perfect afterwards. Now smooth out the trousers by hand as best you can and then iron the inside first and then the outside. Repeat the process with the other trouser leg. After the trousers have cooled down, they should also be folded as precisely as possible so that the crease lasts for a long time.

Don't be afraid to allow wrinkles - your TUBIE Ironing Doll Team.

Photo: Pixabay