Life Hacks for your laundry - Tips from the TUBIE Shirt Ironing Team

In the latest TUBIE Shirt Ironer Blog, we show you great tips and tricks for doing your laundry.

How to keep blouses on hangers

Are your silk blouses constantly slipping off the hanger? If you wrap household rubber bands around the ends of the hanger, the garments will no longer slip off. If you want to air-dry tops, it is best to hang them on the hanger while they are still damp, because then they will dry particularly wrinkle-free.

Smooth shirt collar

With our TUBIE ironing dummy, the shirt collar will be nice and smooth when drying and ironing, but if you want to iron your collar on in between, take a straightening iron and set it to a low temperature. Make sure it is free of hair and styling products. Simply clamp the collar between the iron and iron it on.

Laundry net for delicate clothes

Thin dresses, silk blouses, lace lingerie, etc. should not just be put in the washing machine, but in a special laundry net or simply in a jute bag. This will protect them from zips of other garments, etc.

Hand wash dry in salad spinner

Have you washed your bikini or swimming trunks briefly by hand? With the salad spinner you get rid of most of the moisture before hanging it up and the clothes dry faster.

Pimping the dryer

Sometimes the laundry just doesn't get dry in the dryer despite a few passes. Just add a dry towel to the damp clothes and you will see that the moisture becomes much less. After 20 minutes, however, you should take the towel out again.

Tennis balls for fluffy laundry

Dryer sheets or dryer balls are supposed to make the laundry dry faster in the dryer and prevent static electricity. However, you can just as well put tennis balls wrapped in aluminium foil in the drum. Especially for drying down duvets and pillows, tennis balls work wonders because they prevent the fluffy filling from clumping.

Be smart - your TUBIE ironing machine team Photo: Pixabay