Well dressed with a minimalist wardrobe - tips from the TUBIE ironing team

We always claim to have far too little to wear, but in reality our wardrobe is totally stuffed - at least that of us shirt-ironing girls. We show you how to keep your wardrobe minimalist - and still be super dressed.

Minimalism is an attitude and can have a positive influence on your life or at least on individual areas, because with minimalism you concentrate on the essentials and gain time for the important things in life. You only keep the clothes that suit you, that can be combined well and that you feel comfortable in.

A clear advantage of the minimalist wardrobe is that it is always neat and organised. Less clothes means more space in the wardrobe. How often have we shirt and blouse ironers looked for a certain piece of clothing and not found it because of all the clothes! If you only have clothes in your wardrobe that can be combined well, you immediately know how to wear and combine them. This means less stress, because you decide on an outfit more quickly.

What's in the minimalist wardrobe?

The magic word is basics. So-called basics in black, white, grey or other simple colours can be optimally combined with each other. Every minimalist wardrobe for women should include jumpers and cardigans, a few high-quality blouses, e.g. made of cotton, plain and striped T-shirts, two longsleeves, a blazer, two to three jackets or coats, light-coloured and black (skinny) jeans, two pairs of shorts, black leggings, a pair of fabric trousers, a skirt and one or two dresses, e.g. a T-shirt dress for summer and a black, elegant dress for summer.e.g. a T-shirt dress for summer and a black, elegant one for different purposes, ankle boots, winter boots, sneakers, pumps, sandals and possibly ballerinas for summer.

Jumpers and cardigans in plain colours and simple cuts can be combined perfectly with all the above-mentioned garments.

Blouses can be worn in the office or for leisure, depending on how they are combined. With rolled-up sleeves and unbuttoned, casual with skinny jeans, or with a blazer and skirt for the office.

T-shirts can be worn all year round, even in winter under a cardigan.

If you have a pair of light and a pair of dark jeans, you always have a choice. In any case, jeans manufacturers recommend washing jeans only rarely and instead just airing them out more often.

If you're looking for something a little more chic, you'll have to go for cloth trousers or chinos.

We girls from the TUBIE iron-on doll team love black leggings, especially in autumn or winter with dresses.

Skirts and dresses go in summer and winter and are also a nice change from trousers in the cold season. Combined with tights and boots, the outfit is also suitable for winter. Especially simple, straight-cut dresses can be combined well with different belts or black leggings.

Depending on the occasion or season, you choose different shoes. If you have the above-mentioned shoes at home, you always have a suitable pair.

Have fun combining - your TUBIE ironing machine team.

Photo: Pixabay