The enemy in the bed - what helps against dust mites? - Tips from the TUBIE Ironing Doll Team

The idea that you have to share your bed and living space with disgusting little mites is very, very scary for most people, including us from the TUBIE shirt ironer and ironing machine team. Fortunately, the spider-like little monsters are only visible under a microscope, because there are about 2 million dust mites cavorting in every bed. If you now think mites have something to do with bad hygienic conditions, you are wrong. According to Dirk Petersen from the Consumer Advice Centre Hamburg, mites have been part of the human environment since prehistoric times and have nothing to do with a lack of cleanliness. For many, house dust mites are not an issue at all, but if you suffer from an allergy, the excretions of the small spider animals become a problem. We from the TUBIE shirt iron and ironing machine team have taken a look at what allergy sufferers need to be aware of.

First of all, it is important to know that dust mites can never be removed 100%, because wherever there are people, there are mites. However, according to Stiftung Warentest Berlin, they thrive best in bed, where it is damp and warm. This is also where they find their favourite food, namely skin flakes. As already mentioned, it is almost impossible to get rid of mites completely, but you can make life more difficult for them with the following tips.

In principle, it makessense for house dust mite allergy sufferers to protecttheir mattress with a so-called encasing. This encasing ensures that allergy sufferers do not come into contact with the mattress or with the mites' remains in the mattress.

In addition, sufferers should regularly wash their bedding at 60 degrees Celsius. By the way, we at TUBIE ironing machine and ironing doll are currently developing an ironing attachment for bed linen. Pillows, blankets and mattress covers should also be washed once a month in the washing machine, preferably at 95 degrees Celsius, but you should make sure that they are boil-proof materials. Sensitive allergy sufferers should also havetheir entire mattress professionally cleaned once a year.

There is good news for lazy people, because you should not make your bed immediately after getting up, but let the mattress air out properly first, because this allows the accumulated moisture of the night to escape from the mattress and blanket. It goes without saying that the bedroom should be aired out regularly. Allergy sufferers should also not change clothes near the bed, because otherwise countless flakes of skin will be whirled onto the bed. Upholstered furniture and carpets should be cleaned regularly, about every six months, with pesticides containing the active ingredient acaricide from the pharmacy, advises Petersen. However, killing the mites is only successful in the short term.

It used to be said that carpets were bad for allergy sufferers, but they actually have advantages, because dust particles that fly through the room are held in place by the carpet fibres, explains Ernst Schröder, Managing Director of the German Carpet Research Institute in Aachen. However, they should not be long-pile carpets because they are more difficult to clean with a hoover.

Soft toys in children's beds can be put in the freezer for 24 hours to kill the mites, but according to Anja Schwalfenberg of the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB), this does not eliminate the mite faeces, but only kills the mites. It is also better to wash cuddly toys at 60 degrees Celsius in the washing machine.

Declare war on mites - your TUBIE ironing doll team.


Photo: Pixabay