TUBIE ironing dummy - the professional device for your home

  • Professional quality Made in Germany - suitable for private and commercial use
  • Perfectly fitting inflatable shirt covers for an excellent ironing result. Sizes from XXS to 6XL. Optionally also for long dresses, coats, smocks, tunic etc.
  • Mesh covers for stretchy clothes prevent stretching out
  • Strong fan and heating for best ironing results
  • Electronic timer with automatic cool-down cycle and crease protection

TUBIE - Drying and ironing in one step

Save yourself time and, above all, laborious work.

Much gentler on your clothes than tumble dryers and irons.

TUBIE is easy to use and extremely versatile.

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Choose between our 2 popular models:

Ask also for 2nd choice devices (scratches etc.) at a special price!

Original TUBIE

With practical five-point wheel stand and electronic timer.



Table-top model with manual control and automatic cool-down cycle.


About the TUBIE Ironing Doll

TUBIE is a professional shirt iron. It is suitable for private use. Due to the use of high-quality components in industrial quality, it is designed for continuous operation and is therefore also suitable for commercial applications.

The TUBIE ironing machine is extremely versatile. It is suitable for shirts, blouses, T-shirts, polo shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts, jackets, jackets, coats, coats, dresses, skirts, jackets, trousers and much more.

The operation of the ironing machine is very simple:

Shirts, blouses and other tops with buttons:

Here, only the top button is closed. Then put the spin-damp garment over the cone-shaped top of the blouse iron. Then pull the sleeves of the puff bag through. Now attach the tension clamps and start the shirt ironing dummy. Simply pull out the last folds.

Tops without buttons made of non-stretch fabrics:

Here you simply put the damp clothing (after spin-cycle) over the inflatable shirt cover of the shirt ironing machine and pull the sleeves through. Then fasten the clamps and start the timer. Check that the garment is tightly fitted (no creases) by adjusting the clamps.

Tops in stretchy fabrics:

With the help of the unique mesh covers, you can even iron all tops made of stretchy fabrics such as t-shirts, polo shirts, pullovers, etc.. To do this, put the mesh cover over the inflatable shirt cover and fasten it with the clamps. Then put the damp clothing on as usual. Now start the ironing machine and check that the clothing is tightly fitted (no creases) by adjusting the clamps. The mesh cover limits the expansion of the inflatable shirt cover and prevents the garments from stretching out.

Ironing trousers:

Simply pull the trousers over the inflatable trouser cover of the ironer and start the machine. Then pull the trouser legs straight and remove the last creases.

Ironing dry garments:

Simply stretch the dry garment onto the shirt iron as usual and start the ironing dummy. Then simply moisten the garment slightly with a spray bottle.

TUBIE is gentle on laundry

Due to the low temperature of about 50° Celsius with which the shirt iron works, the fabrics are not strained and no shiny spots are created.

Forget about ironing board & iron and buy your TUBIE shirt ironing dummy

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