How to rework your old jeans into fashionable accessories

We all have old jeans somewhere in our wardrobe that either don't fit anymore or are broken. But such discarded garments don't have to go straight into the rubbish, but are good craft material for bags or other accessories. Read in the current shirt ironer blog how you can realise yourself on your old jeans.

Casual Jeans Handbag

Us shirt-ironing gals love bags, even more so when they're homemade. To make a casual handbag, you need old jeans or a denim skirt, a needle or sewing machine, sturdy thread, scissors and a shoulder strap, or a piece of fabric or cloth. Cut the jeans a few centimetres below the trouser pockets. Turn the fabric inside out and sew it together at the bottom. If you now turn the fabric inside out again, you already have the basis for the bag. Now you can sew on the shoulder straps. It is even easier if you pull a fabric belt or cloth through the belt buckles as decoration and then simply knot the straps to it. The jeans bag is ready.

Cool denim skirt

If you have old, holey jeans, you can easily turn them into a skirt. To do this, cut the legs to the desired length and separate the seams on the inside of the trouser legs, but leave the double seams on one trouser leg. Now open the seam in the crotch at the front and back. Now lay the fabric of the two legs over each other to fit, so that the double seam is on top and sew along the double seam to join the pieces of fabric together. Do the same with the back of the skirt. Then cut the bottom edge of the skirt to the appropriate length and fold in the edge twice. You can now sew this in place with a small pinking stitch or leave it open so that it frays.

Jeans shorts

If you want to have cheeky jeans shorts, simply cut off the legs. Put the shorts on and mark a point on each of the inner and outer thighs with chalk where you want the hem to end. Take the trousers off again and connect both points with chalk and a ruler. Now measure on both legs between waistband and line and crotch and line to see if the lengths are symmetrical. You can simply leave the edge open to give the trousers that casual fringed look. Depending on your mood, you can still get lace appliqués at the craft shop and sew them to the sides.

Cherry pit cushion

Whether warming or cooling, a cherry pit pillow is a good thing, because when warmed up it helps against cramps, muscle stiffness and pain, but it can also be used cold as a cooling pad. Cut-off trouser legs are perfect for making a cherry pit pillow, because all you need to do is fill them and close them at the ends.

Have fun tinkering - Your TUBIE Iron-on Doll Team

Photo: Pixabay