Mistakes in detergent application - Tips from the TUBIE Ironing Machine Team

When washing clothes, opinions differ. Some put the detergent directly into the laundry drum, others use the compartment. But which is right? We shirt and blouse ironers have taken a look.

Liquid detergent should not be added directly to the laundry in the drum. This is because when the washing program is started, the detergent chamber fills with water. The detergent is thus diluted to be better distributed in the laundry. If the liquid detergent is added directly to the drum, it has a very concentrated effect. If it is left to act for a short time, i.e. if the washing program is started a little later, it can already adhere firmly to the fibers and be difficult to remove. The residues are not washed out properly and the laundry feels soapy and greasy after washing.

However, if you use a washing ball, things look different again. Because the ball filled with detergent protects the fibers from the detergent and distributes it evenly over the entire laundry.

You should also not putwashing powder directly into the drum. Although it does not settle in the fibers as much as liquid detergent, it contains, among other things, bleaching agents that can damage them or bleach the clothes. In the case of washing powder, it actually makes sense to put it in the drawer so that the powder is mixed with water right away and can thus distribute itself better in the laundry.

Laundry still feels soapy after washing

Especially if you use the Eco program, your clothes may still feel soapy after washing, because less water is used in this economy program and the agent that has already been washed in can be washed out poorly. Often, the wrong dosage is also to blame. We at the TUBIE ironing machine team recommend that you stick to the dosage exactly. Because too much substance makes soapy, too little does not remove all bacteria, viruses and dirt and the laundry smells.

Wash capsules, gel pads, pods, etc.

Detergent capsules are surrounded by a shell that prevents the detergent from coming into direct contact with the clothing and attacking the fibers when it is added to the drum. In terms of washing performance, capsules and liquid detergent hardly differ. Apparently, however, such capsules are often overdosed, which has a negative impact on the environment, laundry and wallet.

It all depends on the right dosage - Your TUBIE Ironing Doll Team

Photo: Pixabay