With TUBIE you don´t need a laundry dryer anymore!

steam iron and laundry dryer
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You won´t need a steam iron, rotary iron or laundry dryer any longer!

The ironing machine and Bügelpuppe TUBIE just does the job! You now have the advantage of using this ironing machine on a multiple clothing which include:

  • Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Skirts
  • Jackets
  • T-shirts

and many more…


With the ironing machine you have more spare time!

Now again you have time to do other things or just to relax while TUBIE the ironing machine does the job. Everything is done in just moments. Plug it in and let it do your work! You can take care of more important matters or simply relax, read a book or watch TV.

With the ironing machine TUBIE, you can dry and iron practically any washable clothing and trousers. Shirts, trousers, blouses, jackets…everything becomes dry and creaseless in minimal time! No laundry dryer,  trouser press oder shirt press is needed any longer!

Take care of other things while the ironing machine TUBIE does the work for you! Thus, you can spare yourself from the cumbersome standing at the ironing board. Who said, ironing can't be fun!

rotary iron

The shirt finisher & shirt press TUBIE is fast and perfect!

It’s easy to iron with the ironing machine TUBIE – in 3 easy steps:


First step

Basically all you need to do here is to put the piece of clothing on the ironing machine TUBIE. With our ironing machine, you can dry and iron almost any clothing, even dry trousers and jeans!


Second step

Fix the piece of clothing to the ironing machine with the help of special clips, which are provided by the ironing machine TUBIE. These clips help the clothing to stay straight while the ironing machine and shirt finisher dries and irons.


Third step

Switch on the timer and you are done!


Technical Data:

shirt finisher
shirt press

Ironing Machine TUBIE 998€

Mains voltage: 230V or voltage 220V/ 50Hz

Mains frequency: 50 Hz

Power heater: 3200 W

Power ventilator: 120 W

Total power: 3320 W

Electricity: 14,6 Amp.

Drying and ironing time : app. 4-6 minutes (shirt)

Weight: 14,5 kg


Including cover for shirts and trousers, rollable/rotatable, electronic timer.

 (Subject to change without prior notice)

Ironing Machine TUBIE Eco 698€

Mains voltage: 230V or voltage 220V/ 50Hz

Mains frequency: 50 Hz

Power heater: 1800 W

Power ventilator: 120 W

Total power: 1920 W

Electricity: 8,5 Amp.

Drying and ironing time: app. 6-8 minutes (shirt)

Weight: 10,0 kg


Economic version only for shirts, t-shirts, polo-shirts, pullovers etc., without electronic timer.

(Subject to change without prior notice)